Wintergreen Essential Oil


    • Acts as an Analgesic
    • Induces Relaxation
    • Fights Arthritis
    • Relieves Spasms
    • Prevents Microbial Infections
    • Eliminates Foul Smells
    • Acts as an Astringent
    • Expels the gases
    • Promotes Urination
    • Stimulates urinary system
    • Helping with rheumatism and arthritis
    • Helping cure edema, waterlogging, and hypertension 
    • Aiding in weight loss
    • Keeping kidneys and the urinary bladder clear and prevents the formation of stones in those places
    • Promotes menstruation
    • Stimulates Blood Circulation





     treat snake bites, dog bites, stings from poisonous insects like scorpions, wasps, and bees

     beneficial for infected and rotting wounds, sores, and ulcers. 

    counter obstructed blood circulation resulting from frostbite