Argan Carrier Oil

    • Moisturizes dry, flaky skin
    • Hydrats effects for dry skin
    • Helpful for people with skin conditions like eczema
    • It helps other products absorb into your skin
    • Can improve skin permeability
    • Assist with other ingredients penetrating the skin barrier
    • Gives skin an extra boost of moisture,
    • Argan oil may help prevent wrinkles
    • Prevents Wrinkle
    • Improves skin ability to retain water
    • Can actually help pimple-prone skin
    • Reduces inflammation, soothes skin, and improves moisture
    • Can improve the health of your scalp
    • Fights dandruff and an itchy scalp, mends split ends, and even promote hair growth
    • Makes your hair color last longer
    • May have cardiovascular benefits
    • May be helpful in combating certain cancers