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Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil


Supports Digestion


Chamomile is well known for its ability to relieve many digestion woes, including flatulence, indigestion, colic, diarrhea, and nausea.Anti-inflammatory compound azulene and the antispasmodic anodyne compounds that are abundant in chamomile are the reason behind its beneficial effects. In essence, these compounds help relax the intestines so food can move through smoothly, which results in improved digestion.


Promotes Skin Health


It turns out that the same anti-inflammatory compounds in chamomile responsible for soothing tummy troubles are also great for soothing your skin. Studies have found that the inflammation-fighting flavonoids in chamomile essential oil are able to penetrate deep into the inner skin layers to calm inflammatory proteins, as well as fight free radicals that cause aging. 


Antibacterial Properties


Chamomile contains acetonic extracts that are also beneficial against bacterial and fungal infections.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Chamomile essential oil has some pretty potent anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, it contains several volatile oils including alpha-bisabolol, alpha-bisabolol oxides A & B, and matricin, which convert to flavonoids that help inhibit inflammatory proteins. This makes chamomile excellent for treating inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, as well as inflammatory digestive disorders and even arthritis.


Relieves Stress


Chamomile is probably most widely known for its calming properties. It contains several compounds that have a sedative effect on the body whether consumed or inhaled, and patients have reported falling into a deep sleep after consuming it as a tea. Chamomile also has a calming and antispasmodic effect on the central nervous system, making it excellent for promoting relaxation. 


Anti-Cancer Effects


Researchers are beginning to explore the use of chamomile extract against certain cancers, and so far, the results have been promising. While the studies are limited, one showed that cancer cells died when exposed to chamomile extract, while healthy cells were not affected. In addition, the chamomile extract inhibited the growth of cancer cells, while again not affecting healthy cells. 


Potent Antioxidants


Chamomile essential oils contain potent antioxidants in the form of terpenoids and flavonoids. These compounds, including oxide azulenes, apigenin, patuletin and quercetin, act as free radical scavengers in your body. Essentially, free radicals are pesky compounds that result in DNA damage in your body, which then leads to aging skin and a lowered immune system, among other nasty effects. Antioxidants help remedy this damage by stopping these compounds before they can cause damage, which will ultimately result in less wear and tear on your body.

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